Shelby Mack

Shelby Mack graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in American Studies concentrating in African American Studies and Education. Shelby was part of the Haas Scholar’s Research Program and an undergraduate recipient for the Center for Race and Gender Studies. She presented her research findings at the Haas Research Symposium in January of 2018. Her research question is based on understanding the different phases of the first Black female enrichment program of Oakland Unified School District named African American Female Excellence Program (AAFE) and how AAFE workers are using different healing methods (i.e. healing circles, restorative justice, spirituality) as a way to heal Black girls from dehumanizing school practices. The final report of her research project will be submitted as an honors thesis to the Department of American Studies at U.C. Berkeley 2018. The reason why Shelby chose this research topic is because she has been systematically targeted and impacted by zero tolerance policy practices and wants to find alternative solutions to solving the school to prison pipeline epidemic among Black girls.