Lupe Gallegos-Diaz

Mrs. Gallegos-Diaz teaches undergraduate/graduate courses at the University of California, Berkeley and has taught at various other higher institutions in the bay area in Chicano Latino Studies and School of Social Work. Her teaching areas include Chicanx Latinx identities and student development, leadership, Latinas nonprofits and globalization, environmental justice, leadership empowerment and fundraising. Throughout her academic pursuits, she has been committed to advising and advocating for issues that address educational and economic social justices needs for Chicanx Latinx students and communities of color.
Mrs. Gallegos-Diaz has and continues to serve in various leadership and advisory roles for a number of national and local organizations such as National advisor of the Mexican government in Higher Education; Chair of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies and the national Administrative Coordinator for Mujeres Activas en Letras Y Cambio Social (MALCS) a Chicanx Latinx and Indigenous academic and professional organization; co-chair of the ten UC Chicanx Latinx Alumni Associations.
In the bay area Mrs. Gallegos-Diaz currently serves as Vice President for the Chicana Latina Foundation and President of Bay Area Hispanic Institute for Advancement (BAHIA) a bilingual/bicultural child development center in Berkeley.
Mrs. Gallegos-Diaz has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Santa Clara University; Master from the University of California, Berkeley in Social Work; Certificate in Philosophy from the Ethnic Studies PhD Department and a Certificate of Fundraising from the University of San Francisco.