Istifaa Ahmed

Istifaa Ahmed is a Bengali, critical race feminist. Istifaa majored in Ethnic Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies, and minored in Global Poverty and Practice. Traditionally, she is attached to a legacy that commits colonial sexual violence and erasure against her body. In her research, Istifaa analyzes sexual violence through women of color performance art. She examines how various women of color performance artists have used performance art as a platform to contest the secrecy of violence committed against them in the hidden and private, through the use of their bodies and its inhabitation, exhibition, and control over public space and audience. She also does research on gendered Orientalism, how the construction of Muslim womanhood justifies the War on Terror and imperialism into Muslim nations, and how this discourse is produced in such a way that seduces a national to want to engage in this violence and warfare.
Feel free to reach out to Istifaa as a resource! She’s happy to get to know you, help develop your research interests or proposals and methodologies, integrate modes of decolonization into your research, apply for research programs and grants, and help find/create platforms to apply and share your research. She can meet individually and offer group workshops.
Research interests: Race, Gender, Sexual Violence, Women of Color Performance Art, Transnational and Third World Women of Color Feminism, War on Terror, Orientalism, Colonialism, Slavery, Imperialism, Decolonization, Mass Incarceration, Prison Abolition