Al Vazquez

Al Vazquez is a transfer student from Cerritos Community College and is majoring in English. He is involved with Latinx Association for Transfers and currently holds an internship at Our Family Coalition. While here, he has participated in the cooperative, poetry, research, and queer communities on campus. He is a current Mellon Mays Fellow which raises diversity in the professoriate and while affiliated he has participated in a research program at University of Chicago as well as a conference at Stanford. He has been mentored by Marcial Gonzalez, Nadia Ellis, and Lynne Gerber. Although he is walking for commencement in Spring 2017, he hopes to study abroad in Brazil to take literature courses, experience a new culture, and practice his Portuguese. After he hopes to move to New York and develop a relationship with the poetry community before getting a PhD in literature. Overall, he is grateful that among the many things he has learned at UC Berkeley, learning how to navigate Google Calendar has been one them.